Affirm’s shopping app delivers high-value customers

October 18, 2019 Amar Shah

Phone screen with pair of expensive high-top sneakers in Affirm shopping appThe new Affirm app gives your business an exciting opportunity to acquire high-value customers who might not otherwise visit your site or store. 

We designed the app’s experience to maximize ways that our network of over 3 million shoppers can discover your brand. Here’s how:

Screen shot of shopping screen in Affirm app1. Brand discovery and campaigns

The app provides a number of placement opportunities designed to feature your products and help shoppers find your business. We also continuously run integrated campaigns, driving traffic from social media and email to your placements within the app.

2. Exclusive offers

You can market exclusive interest-free financing offers and other promotions to amplify your exposure in the app. Your offer will get premium placement to maximize impressions. This marketing tool is a great way to expand your customer base without heavy discounting.

Mobile screen shot of Offers on the Affirm app3. Seamless shopping virtually anywhere

After shoppers discover your brand, the app facilitates a seamless buying experience. App users can prequalify to see their spending power with Affirm. The in-app browser draws them through brand discovery to purchase on your site. Shoppers can also use the app to create a one-time-use virtual card that enables them to shop almost anywhere.

Our network delivers the customers you really want

The shoppers in our growing network—including the 1+ million active monthly users on our app—can convert at a higher rate and spend more on your site. That’s because they come to us looking for great deals on highly considered purchases from brands they love, and we provide them with the spending power—in the form of monthly payments—to make those purchases. 

When you put your brand in front of Affirm shoppers, you’ll attract a customer base that’s nearly 50% millennial and Gen Z, with high lifetime value. Some retail partners featured on the Affirm app have seen up to a 3x lift in on-site conversion relative to other apps. Those that accept Apple Pay or Google Pay have also seen up to 14% of transactions driven in-store, making the Affirm app an omnichannel solution for acquiring new customers.

Our app’s popularity with consumers gives it a commanding edge against competitors. Mobile market data from App Annie (May through October 2019) reveals the Affirm app had:

  • 4.8x higher U.S. install penetration than the 2nd ranked app in our competitive set and at least 8x higher than the 3rd ranked app.

  • 2.3x more daily active users than the 2nd ranked app and at least 4.5x more than the 3rd ranked app in our competitive set.

Want to feature your brand in the Affirm app? Email to make this powerful customer acquisition channel work for you.


About the Author

Amar Shah

Amar Shah is the Director of Consumer and Marketplace at Affirm and leads the affiliate program in Affirm's San Francisco office. Prior to Affirm, he worked at PayPal and L.E.K. Consulting.

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