Affirm made Bryan's dreams of music possible

By definition, an entrepreneur is someone determined to start any sort of endeavor, regardless of the intimidating risks involved. Who better to live up to that definition than the singer, songwriter, musician, business founder, and father, Bryan. He always wanted to buy his dream guitar and Affirm struck the right chord.

To date, Bryan has purchased 15 guitars and counting from Reverb using Affirm, a collection he’s proud of. We called him to ask a couple of questions to hear more about his experience using Affirm.

Affirm: What inspired you to pursue your passion for music?

Bryan: I had learned a couple of chords by the time I was 17 and then I discovered Van Halen and they were the reason I started a band with my friends in high school. It’s a family tradition, one that I’ll pass down and share with my own kids one day too. I might need to downsize soon because it’s getting a little out of hand but they’re each so special. It’s therapeutic to play.

Affirm: What’s a challenge that you face working as a musician?

Bryan: It’s pretty difficult to make ends meet starting out. I didn’t have the best instruments and that, combined with money being tight, really took a toll on my ability to write inspiring music. That’s why I liked Affirm. It’s all straightforward and provides a great snapshot of what I should expect—it takes out all of the guesswork behind my loans, so there are no surprises.

Affirm: What’s important to you when you make purchases?

Bryan: It’s important that I have transparency. With Affirm, everything is upfront and all of the information is there, which is really important from a consumer standpoint. I didn’t grow up knowing how to use money and had to learn about credit on my own. To me, it’s the reputation of the company that puts my mind at ease.

Affirm: How has using Affirm influenced the way that you spend money?

Bryan: I’ve recommended [Affirm] to several people. People don’t know how easy it is. I’ll definitely continue to use it in the future. Being approved for loans has given me access to not just my guitars, but to my confidence as well. I’ve been able to afford my dream instruments and because of that, have been able to practice every day.

Affirm: Why would you recommend Affirm to a friend?

Bryan: Overall, it’s been a great experience. If I’ve ever had questions or needed to reach out, your customer service has been really responsive and supportive. It’s made the whole journey great—I can’t recommend Affirm enough.


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