Micah puts his best foot forward with Affirm

October 3, 2018 Alanna Propst

Affirm customer, Micah, describes himself as, “a fashion guru.” Although it hasn’t always been that way. Micah worked really hard to get to where he is today.

“I didn’t know my parents growing up, so I felt like the streets raised me,” he said. “I turned my life around, met my wife, and we have three kids with a son that just started college. Now, my passion is in fashion.”

Micah works as a luxury automotive reconditioner and detailer, so he is always trying to look his best when meeting with potential clients. He found Affirm when browsing for furniture but actually decided to use Affirm when he saw that we worked with the fashion brands he most respects. His first Affirm purchase was for shoes on GOAT.

“Affirm isn’t for necessities for me, it's for luxury,” Micah said. “The way you dress says something about who you are to the world. I love my Jordans. I love designer and love luxury. When I saw that Affirm had all these things, I was impressed.”

When thinking about the way he presents himself to the world, Micah doesn’t want to settle.

“Things that stick out to people are those classic and traditional brands, and that's important to me," he said "When I see someone with a Rolex on, it tells me a lot about them–they’re classy. ” 

Micah works to portray this image as well. He wants to be seen as someone with style and class and likes using his clothing to signal this to the world. And he believes our partnerships with luxury fashion brands and merchants who sell luxury brands do the same for Affirm.

“Affirm has all the designers that are in the light right now; Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Gucci,” he said. “To see that on Affirm is its advantage.”

For Micah, Affirm as an essential part of life, almost as important as one of his limbs.

“To me, credit is like a muscle,” he said “You can flex and use it in various ways. I use Affirm as if it’s another arm. I’ll flex that one every now and then too.”

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Alanna Propst

Alanna is our customer liaison. She embodies the voice of the Affirm customer and works to help understand the issues facing them. She loves obscure board games and making homemade fried chicken.

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