Affirm’s new platform integrates multiple pay-over-time options

November 11, 2019 Christina Melas-Kyriazi

Illustration of 4 puzzle pieces being put together by two handsAs customer acquisition costs rise, e-commerce businesses must seize every chance to convert new shoppers into buyers. Guiding a shopper to pay over time with Affirm can do the trick. But what if that person doesn’t qualify?

The last thing you want is to see shoppers exit your sales funnel to buy from a competitor or visit another site for financing.

That’s why we created Affirm Connect. It’s a platform that enables you to integrate additional pay-over-time providers to capture even more of these high-intent shoppers on your website.

Seamless shopper experience prevents flight risk

For the introductory phase of Affirm Connect, we’ve integrated Zibby, a lease-to-own payment option, so that customers who aren’t approved by Affirm can get a secondary way to pay. 

Mobile phone screen shot of Affirm ConnectThrough a single, lightweight application at checkout, shoppers get evaluated by both providers in a seamless experience. If customers are denied financing with Affirm, they automatically get considered by Zibby. If qualified, they’re approved and notified in real time, all within the same flow. 

Affirm Connect gives shoppers a single way to access the payment option that’s right for them—and another reason to complete their purchases on your site. 

Benefits include lower customer acquisition costs

Eliminating friction in the checkout flow benefits your bottom line by preventing the loss of high-intent shoppers who want to buy today. As more of them get approved for credit while on your site, sales conversion rates can rise while customer acquisition costs fall.

Your Affirm Connect integration gets you the full waterfall solution. We do all the work of integrating the financing providers, so you only have to deal with one integration for all your current and future financing needs. 

Affirm Connect offers a next-generation solution for acquiring high-intent shoppers as they move through checkout at your e-commerce site. Visit our site to learn more about how the platform can deliver these benefits for your business. 


About the Author

Christina Melas-Kyriazi

Christina is a Group Product Manager at Affirm and works to create seamless shopping experiences for merchants and consumers. Prior to Affirm, Christina worked at GoFundMe, LinkedIn and Goldman Sachs.

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