Infographic: How Affirm complements a private label credit card

June 7, 2019

If a retailer offers Affirm’s pay-over-time option at checkout side-by-side with the store’s private label credit card (PLCC), how might it affect sales and buying behavior? We tested this recently with shoppers on a retail site that offered both Affirm and a PLCC at checkout.

Read the full research report to discover more about how Affirm can complement a PLCC. To learn how Affirm’s pay-over-time solutions may help your business, visit our site.

*Assumes 100% of people who applied for PLCC would have been approved.

NOTE: Survey of 627 Affirm shoppers conducted between 2/5/19-2/10/19 and 2/22/19-3/1/19, resulting in a 95% confidence level.

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