Judith loved the Affirm tech, but it was the people that made the difference

October 11, 2018 Alanna Propst

Every day, over 3,000 Affirm customers reach out to ask questions or get support in using our products.

It is important that every team member on the support line is trained in the same customer-first approach behind Affirm’s mission. After all, they serve as the first line of defense and act as the voice of Affirm.

Judith, an Affirm customer, called our customer support team a couple of times. She experienced Affirm’s customer-centric values firsthand through our helpline. What does she like most about using Affirm?

“The people” she responded immediately,  “I can truthfully say that I have never spoken to anyone who was unpleasant or impatient,” Judith said. “I'm older now, so I know I can forget things quicker than I used to. Everyone has always been so kind and treated me like a real person. I’ve never had any problems!”

Judith is a retired teacher who lives primarily on Social Security after being widowed for several years. Without a lot of additional income, she needed to find a responsible way to pay for larger purchases. While shopping for furniture, she found Affirm and right away saw us as “the perfect fit” because she could pay small installments over time.

“I was pleasantly surprised to run up on Affirm because I can pay in a way that allows me to prioritize my bills at the first of the month,” she said. “I love the no hidden fees! When you take an easy to use app and people who care, you can’t go wrong.”

We are proud of our great customer experience and continue to strive to be the best credit experience in all aspects. Every person on our team embodies the Affirm values. Every customer gets the full Affirm customer care experience.

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Alanna Propst

Alanna is our customer liaison. She embodies the voice of the Affirm customer and works to help understand the issues facing them. She loves obscure board games and making homemade fried chicken.

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