Rebecca found Affirm, and then herself again

September 19, 2018 Alanna Propst

Rebecca grew up in California and raised her kids as a single parent while she worked full time in sales at the same company for more than 27 years.

“I was really successful in sales and started to buy some really nice things,” she said. “I love to shop and everything I bought was very special to me.”

After running into some unexpected and serious health problems, she went on disability. Around the same time, her partner also became very sick and she stepped in as the primary caregiver. Rebecca went through all of her savings and sold her clothes, handbags, and shoes in order to take care of herself and her partner.

Rebecca values her luxuries, but she didn’t hesitate to sell them in order to preserve the most important luxury of all; her life.

Once she recovered, Rebecca went back to school to get her masters degree and started working to provide for her family again.

“Everything is in a much healthier place now,” she said. “At the end of the day, things can happen and income can suffer, but you’d sell your things to do what you need to do. It was a really sad time for me but luckily I’m able to rebuild. I’m happy to pay for these things to replace them.”

Now that she is restoring her life, Rebecca wanted to start rebuilding herself as well by replacing the items that she sold while she was sick. She used Affirm with Tradesy to buy Louis Vuitton bags and David Yurman jewelry.  To her, these items are not just a materialistic purchase, but a representation of the person she was before sickness took away her identity.

Going to traditional credit providers wasn’t Rebecca’s first choice. She has a credit card, but only uses it occasionally around Christmas time. But more than that, Rebecca feared traditional providers would judge her decision to use her loan for high luxury fashion. They don't understand the trauma she has been through, the things she has lost, and what these items really represent to her.

“I love Affirm. I feel more independent now than ever. It’s easy, fast, and convenient,” she said.“I’m getting a loan, not to splurge, but to just feel like myself again.”

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Alanna Propst

Alanna is our customer liaison. She embodies the voice of the Affirm customer and works to help understand the issues facing them. She loves obscure board games and making homemade fried chicken.

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